Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Juicy! Airs the ’20 Ugliest Celebrities in the Philippines’ List

Last week, Mo Twister claimed that he did not call Pokwang “ugly” on his showbiz talk show Juicy! and Paparazzi…

The word war began after Pokwang voiced out her unhappiness over the alleged disparaging comments made DJ Mo concerning her looks. The controversial TV host and radio DJ, on the other hand, refuted her comment and claimed that he did not call Pokwang “ugly.”

After the incident, Pokwang allegedly wrote on her twitter account: “Wag nalang natin patulan mga mangmang na hosts sa hindi sikat na talkshow!

Cristy Fermin, Mo’s co-host in Paparazzi, took offense of Pokwang’s remark that started a series of attacks to the comedienne on her weeknights program Juicy!

Last night, Juicy! aired the list of 20 Ugliest Celebrities in the Philippines courtesy of its recurring host, Shalala. They claim that the list came from YouTube and that they have nothing to do with it.

Topping the said list of the country’s “Ugliest Celebrities” is no other than…Pokwang.

In descending order, the Top 20 Ugliest Celebrities in the Philippines as aired on Juicy! are:

20. Jerome Sala
19. Franzen Fajardo
18. Bugoy Drilon
17. Rosita of PBB
16. Manny Pacquiao
15. Madam Auring
14. Tita Suarding
13. Empoy
12. Bella Flores
11. Elizabeth Ramsey
10. Bentong
9. Kiray
8. Mahal
7. Dagul
6. Tado
5. Nel Rapiz of PBB
4. Diego
3. Allan K.
2. Chokoleit
1. Pokwang

Cristy Fermin asked Shalala to greet Pokwang. Shalala said: “Congratulations Dhai ang chaka mo!

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